Concrete Ambiguities – Susan Kozel

Concrete Ambiguities – Susan Kozel At the ticket collection desk of the Malmö Palladium last April there was a bowl offering earplugs to audience members. It was empty. No room for misinterpretation: this dance performance would be loud. And it was, but this blog post for the Error Network aims to open out error by … Read more

Error or art? Nicolas Salazar Sutil

Error or art? – Nicolas Salazar Sutil Machines are not built to make errors, I don’t think.  I don’t suppose driverless cars are being built to make computational errors any more than supercomputers are being built to fail to compute with total accuracy. Nor is Big Science, science the size of, say, the Large Hadron … Read more

Olivier Haas

Olivier Haas We are surrounded by errors. In control engineering errors are issue from the comparison between a target, that is required to be achieved, and what the system or device we are trying to control can actually deliver. The controller will then compute the required adjustment to ensure that targets are met by acting … Read more

Jon May

Jon May Mention ambiguity to a psychologist and the first thing that will come to mind will be one of the famous ambiguous figures popularised by the Gestalt psychologist in the early 20th century, perhaps Boring’s hag, Dunker’s duck-rabbit, or the geometrically tantalising Necker cube.   They are fun to look at because our perception … Read more

A few thoughts on errors, breaks, and imperfections – Temi Odumosu

A few thoughts on errors, breaks, and imperfections – Temi Odumosu There is an ancient Japanese method of pottery joinery called Kintsukuroi, or Kintsugi – meaning “golden repair”. Broken pieces of pottery are recomposed back into a vessel using resin or lacquer that is often mixed with gold dust; transforming what would otherwise be discarded … Read more

Sarah Whatley

Sarah Whatley Since our first workshop in Coventry we have been active in telling more people about our network and it is generating a lot of interest and excitement. The idea of ‘error’ seems to be appealing and captures the imagination, particularly for those working within the arts community. Sita and I presented the project … Read more

Rory O’Connor

Rory O’Connor I’ve been reflecting a lot about our workshop since returning home. After a meeting with Sita some months ago where we discussed embodiment, Nietzsche and performers living with amputations, I went to the refectory for lunch. Behind me in the queue at the food counter were two people discussing what happens when you … Read more

Sita Popat

Sita Popat This is the first entry in the Error Network’s new fortnightly blog. Over the coming months, all twelve participants will post thoughts about error, ambiguity, glitches and the body. It is my turn first. Last week, we spent two days at Coventry University in the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) having our first Network … Read more